Use fantasy creatures and lore to guide your fitness journey. Players can exercise Solo, or ‘Battle’ a friend, regardless of exercise style, experience or access to equipment. At the beginning of each game, Players draw one Intention Card, one Rest card and five Activities to focus on balance (White), core (Blue), strength training (Black), muscle building (Green) and cardio (Red). The "Variable Cost" in the top right corner of cards dictate time, repetitions and weight values. Each ‘Round’ Players complete all 5 Activities, they draw a Modification Card to alter their workout for the following Round. Each completed Activity earns the bottom right Score Potential, dictating the number of dice you may roll to Attack (Black) or Defend (White) and calculate your final score.

The Original 50-Card Starter Deck from Kickstarter.

The Original 50-Card Starter Deck from Kickstarter.

Community-driven expansion cards and gameplay based on Player feedback and requests.

Community-driven expansion cards and gameplay based on Player feedback and requests.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Our Story

The BattleMatFitness Starter Deck was first conceived and developed by Brendan Bradley and Michael Eisenstein, two friends looking for a way to motivate their workout routines using tabletop gameplay. Brendan first emailed Michael a mock up of a gorilla performing a squat in October 2016 and the two spent a next year designing and testing the game before launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to manufacture the deck. By adapting familiar tabletop elements like "variable cost" and "color combos," Bradley and Eisenstein found a way to keep workouts equally challenging for beginning and advanced players, with enough variability to play a unique combination every day for over a year.


Starter Deck

The designers have some leftover Starter Decks from the original printing of the game that are available for sale and donation to youth charities that work to empower the geeks of tomorrow. Please contact Brendan Bradley (West Coast) or Michael Eisenstein (East Coast) if interested,.

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